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Staple Pins

Staples No. 10

Made to Staple Cube exacting standards of quality, Staple Cube No. 10 Staples guarantee accurate, trouble-free stapling and are recommended for a variety of No. 10 staplers including Staple Cube Stapler No. 10.

Staples No. 24/6, 24/8, 24/10

Manufactured in high-quality steel and with longer legs and sharper points to penetrate up to 30 sheets, No. 24/6 staples guarantee jam-free stapling when used with Stapler no 24/6.

Staples No 26/6, 26/8

Made to Staple Cube's exacting standards of quality Staple Cube No. 26/6 staples guarantee reliable performance. Packed in 1000s, No. 26/6 staples handle up to 30 sheets in one go and are recommended for the Stapler No 24/6.

Heavy Duty Staples Pin No. 23/6

Staple Cube No. 23/6 Heavy Duty Staples are manufactured to Staple Cube's exacting standards of quality for consistently reliable performance. get the best stapling performance, with less jams and misforms, pack of 1000 staples.

Heavy Duty Staples Pin No. 23/8

The best staplers are useless without their companions. The right Staple Cube staple will cleanly cut through a stack of paper to fasten securely every time. Our staples are manufactured to strict specifications with sharp chisel points allowing less misforms and delivering better performance.

Heavy Duty Staples Pin No. 23/10

Quality staples provide dependable, easy stapling performance, ensures jam free stapling in Staple Cube staples, Premium Heavy Duty Staples provide the most secure fastening solution for large stacks of paper. Use with Heavy Duty Staplers only.

Heavy Duty Staples Pin No. 23/13

Staple Cube Heavy duty staples No. 23/13 staples are manufactured for reliable performance to Staple Cube's exacting standards of quality. 1000 staples per box. Standard Heavy Duty Staples are strong and sharp to easily pierce large sheet counts. use with Heavy Duty Staplers only.

Heavy Duty Staples Pin No. 23/15

Staple Cube No. 23/15 high quality Heavy Duty staples are manufactured to precise standards and have been developed for accurate, trouble-free stapling. Supplied in a box of 1000 staples.

Heavy Duty Staples Pin No. 23/17

23 series staples are used like: Automobile, Furniture, Wooden packaging, Mattress and bedding, Sofa, Chair, Packing, Upholstery, Modular, Paint Brushes, Pallets and Wooden Crates, Boxes, Packaging, Currency Stitching, Glass and ceramic, Sign Boards, Garden Furniture, Sports Goods, Decorative Molding, Doors & Window Trims, seat covers for motorcycles, seat covers for scooters and cars, Shoes & Leather, Carpets, Decorative Molding, Arts & Crafts, etc.

Stapler No. 10

Stapler no. 10 is the perfect stapler to Stapling, All steel construction, With a soft feel finish, 52mm throat depth and integrated staple remover, available in a choice of attractive colors, it has a capacity of 50 staples and handles up to 20 sheets.