Scissors Supplier

Staple Cube Scissors are exported and supply to India and all over the world. As we have number of clients out there. Scissors are cutting instruments or materials used to cut paper, cloth, hair, and other materials with two sharp blades screwed together at the centre to cut together. Scissors are useful for a variety of tasks. It comes in a variety of shapes and degrees of sharpness and in different sizes with the handle having multiple colours. As the handle is made of solid plastic. Scissors we supply are easy to use as it is light and easy to handle. As we have a huge supply chain be it Domestic or International. Because of its validity and strength. As it is long lasting depends on what you cut. As it is not used for heavy duty work.

Scissors 4.75

Scissors 5.5

Scissors 6.5

Scissors 7

Scissors 7.5

Scissors 8.25