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The profile of STAPLE CUBE was Establish in the year 2009.

The products you see out here at Staple Cube which has been around in the market for the last 13 years. Because the customers be it India, South East Asia or other parts of the world as they are extremely happy with our services and products. Be it Staple pins or scissors as they are Junk proof. Because of the export quality materials which we use. Stapler Pins as they come in two different sizes Such as number 10 and 24/6. The bonding of the Staples is very good and our embossment is in the pins which are the same as Kangaro. We do also supply stapler pins with other client's monograms and name on it. Including the embossment. The same goes for the scissors which come in six different sizes and the handle comes in six different colors too. As you know the huge demand for Nylon and Fluorescent Rubber Band around the world as it is used in various fields of work. It is very strong and long-lasting they come in beautiful colors and various sizes. Be it ½ inch, 1,2, 3, and 4 inches. It comes in various weights starting from 5 grams to 200 gms, 250 gms, and 500 gms to 1 kilogram. It depends upon the customer's requirements. Now, for client information, we have a team of experienced technicians and workers to handle the manufacturing unit. As they are experienced in this field of work. We also check the quality of the product then it is certified by our product manager then we supply it to our valuable customers. As this is the most significant advantage that makes us different from others in an open market. Be it domestic or international. As we are a force to reckon with. The volume of the order no matter how big it is you do not have to worry as we are an Established company your goods will be delivered on time as per your requirement. There is a number of clients that are satisfied with our services. Because of our delivery which is on time.

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One of the reasons why people choose Staple cube over the other brands is because the quality is very superior the finishing is excellent and the packing is super good. Be it Staple Pins, Scissors, or the Rubber Band. As they all come in different sizes. As we have to keep up with the trend in the market. Please feel free to mail us at and contact on +91-89 26 218 218

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